The Rotary Club of Grimsby announces the 2020 Fantasy of Wreaths (and Trees) at the Grimsby Museum, from November 27th to December 6th , 2020. Our annual Fantasy of Trees has changed this year because of COVID-19.  For this extraordinary year, the Club has worked with the Town of Grimsby and the Museum to create a modest and COVID-safe event.  Visitor entry to the 2020 Fantasy of Wreaths event is free-of-charge. Cash donations to the event or to the Museum itself can be made in the museum Museum entry hall.  Niagara Region COVID protocols will include wearing masks indoors, sanitizing on entry, safe-distancing and maximum-number of people in a closed-space. 

We want to continue this wonderful Christmas tradition at the Museum and to contribute to our community in this time of need.  The 2020 event will include about twenty Christmas wreaths and a small selection of Christmas trees for viewing by the visiting public. 

There will be an auction of the wreaths and trees on display. This will be similar to our auctions in past years.  Winning bidders will be contacted and have their items safely hand-delivered by Rotary Club members after the event closes.  There will be no lottery or raffle tickets this year due to COVID-19.

Santa Claus will unfortunately not be visiting the Museum this year, but we hope he can make the trip from the North Pole next year. 

Please join us from November 27th to December 6th for the Fantasy of Wreaths (and Trees) at the Grimsby Museum. For further information, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact info@nullfantasyoftrees.ca.

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