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2022 Supporters

Thank you to all our sponsors, supporters and volunteers who helped Fantasy of Trees 2022.

Lead Sponsor
Major Sponsor
Major Sponsor
Other Sponsors

Dr Dan Dimtsis & Dr Kim Woods Dentistry

Jerry & Michele Mandryk in Memory of Emil & Rose Ladniak

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

Zoi Ouzas Real Estate

Friends of Rotary

Justin, Jill, Donnie & Carson Cruse

Carl & Nancy Kovacs

Charlie's Barber Shop

The Solvason Family

Tony & Ruthann Joosse

Ruth Moffatt

The Golden Family

Well Preserved Handcrafted Condiments & Jellies

Special Effects Art Shoppe

Interested in becoming a Contributor?

As a sponsor, the Grimsby Rotary club recognizes you on the Fantasy of Trees website, the club’s website, and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition, your organization’s name is published directly with your sponsored item and listed in the Museum entry hall. In addition, sponsor organizations can set their business cards in convenient card holders by their items, and we can arrange for your organization’s QR code to be displayed also. Lead and Major Sponsors are recognized on our rack cards which are distributed across the Town of Grimsby.

We have very limited amount of trees and wreaths that get sponsored each year. We recommend contacting us earlier rather than later to secure your sponsorship. You can click on the button below to see what we have available to sponsor. We try to keep the list updated regularly.

Sponsor Questions Answered.

No, the Rotary provides the trees, wreaths and/or urns for all sponsors, due to insurance requirements. The Rotary club pre-purchases new-undecorated “deluxe”, “full-size” and “small/pencil” XMAS trees with LED lights, any of which can be designated to a sponsor after their commitment. Rotary also prepares and pre-decorates XMAS wreaths in advance, in a range of sizes for similar sponsorship

In the past, the Fantasy of Trees has had more than 3,000 adults and children visitors from the local community and beyond, and is therefore an excellent opportunity for your organization to receive exposure associated with this community-minded and familyoriented event. It’s also an opportunity to partner with Rotary which has a world-wide reputation for social causes, and to be directly associated with our local community recipient charities.

 Our recipients are all duly-registered charities, chosen for their broad reach into our local community. Each is focused on supporting the local residents of our area and region.

The funds are disbursed to local charities by March the following year, e.g. 2023.

The Rotary Club of Grimsby presents and hosts the Fantasy of Trees each year and the Grimsby Museum is the venue for the festive display. The Museum’s Gift Shop, with its wide variety of XMAS items for purchase, is open before, during and after the FOT event.

The FOT raffle is a permitted event under a Lottery Licence issued by the Town of Grimsby. Numbered raffle tickets are sold in sheets of 25 tickets and are considered great value ($10.00 a sheet or 3-sheets for $20.00). This gives attendees lots of opportunities to
select and drop tickets for trees, wreaths, urns, and donated items. When the event closes, raffle ticket numbers are drawn, the winners are contacted for pickup, and the winning numbers are posted on the FOT website.

In addition to the raffled items at the museum, other prepared and donated items are auctioned off on-line, using the Trellis silent auction platform. The auctioned items can be viewed at the museum, and with a QR code, anyone can bid immediately on the item they are viewing.

Proceeds from the sale of lottery raffle tickets are distributed to the named charities in the license application. Most of the administrative costs are covered by sponsors. Certain expenses such as the cost of the tickets, web site, lottery permit fees are recovered from the lottery sales in accordance with the Lottery License application. Lottery regulations allow only for certain lottery expenses such as the cost of raffle ticket printing, website and lottery permit costs. This means that the proceeds of the lottery go to local charities.

Contact us by email to arrange for an in-kind donation discussion. If your firm provides a unique service such as cleaning services) that would be a great donation. In-kind donations for services such as printing, advertising, coupons, are very much appreciated and would help defray our expenses.